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About Pink Mango Grove

How it all started...

Pink Mango Grove grew out of a passion for making and creating things. My fist love was handmade jewelry, the entire process from designing to sourcing gemstones to making and gifting pieces. Jewelry making was my "happy place", it was calming and exciting, meditative and invigorating. It got me me through college and graduate school. It was my escape from everyday life and stress. 

After years of making jewelry, I discovered vinyl, laser cutters and engravers... These sparked a new and empowering desire to create. I started making family vacation shirts for our family reunions, making personalized keepsakes for coworkers, and playing with laser-cut wood earrings.

I wanted to make more & more! But reality sank in... there was no time! I was a full-time mom, middle school teacher, and Navy wife. Not only was my schedule full, we move every three years!

So what's a girl to do?!?!? After many conversations with friends, family, and my super supportive spouse, I decided that during our next PCS (permanent change of station) I would quit my full-time teaching job and open a small online shop.

I had no idea what I wanted my shop to look like, but my love for handmade gifts, vibrant colors, my passion for adventure and my non-stop quest for happiness has led me to launch Pink Mango Grove.

Why Pink Mango Grove?

I was born in Puerto Rico, surrounded by beautiful beaches, saturated vibrant tropical flowers, pineapple fields, and lots and lots of mango trees. My favorite flower is the flor de maga. Flor de maga is closely related to hibiscus, but unlike the hibiscus, the flor the maga grows on a tree. It is often vibrantly pink or red. The giant pink flowers are my favorite! 

One of my fondest memories is watching my mom sitting under a mango tree enjoying a fresh off the vine mango. A smile on her face, as she enjoyed this sweet simple pleasure. She still loves mangoes, and every-time I visit, she sits on her back porch enjoying her favorite fruit and embodying one of my most cherished memories. 

Thank you for joining me on my journey and letting me share my passion with you.


Angie McElroy